If you have stuff you need to move out of your life, give us a call.


We are honest, dependable, and thorough. We will meet your needs professionally, and provide safe compassionate removal of personal possessions.

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Why Choose Us?

We strive to to provide you with the best service possible. We take care with your property. We have longer shopping hours than other companies in the area and we work hard to get the most money for every item in your sale. We care for your home like it was our own. We are responsive to your needs and concerns.


We offer a variety of services to meet your needs –

  • Estate Sale

    We handle everything from start to finish. We organize, clean, sort, price, set up, and conduct a public estate sale. We offer free consultations.

  • Clean-out

    We provide complete removal of all the contents of your home, attic, basement, garage, shed, or storage unit or rental property. We offer clean out services for hoarding situations, downsizing, junk removal, foreclosure, and any other needs.

  • Tag Sale

    We set up and price a sale for you. You can have your own yard sale or tag sale without all the hard work. We will also clean up and remove items left over after your sale.

  • Downsizing Services

    We will assist in clearing stuff to prepare for a move or the de-cluttering of your space. We will help you decide which items to keep and which items you do not need any longer. We will help to re-home those unneeded items.

  • Organization Services

    We will work with you to get your home organized and clean. We will remove unwanted items, clear up space and help make your home a more comfortable place to live.


“When Estate Sales and Services handled our estate sale, they didn’t just have an estate sale. They spent two weeks transforming a VERY cluttered, jam-packed, small apartment into an organized, attractive, CLEAN showplace.
From the beginning, Bruce and Kate were an enthusiastic and hard-working team. Their love for their work sold me from the get go. Throughout the entire two weeks, they were focused, thoughtful, and creative. Plus, they’re just fun people to work with. I was repeatedly impressed with their attention to detail and respect for my needs and wishes. The same goes for the staff they brought in to help.
When it was over, the place was empty and shining. Only two days later, they presented me with a complete accounting and payment. They understand customer service.
I can’t say enough good things about these folks! Suffice it to say that they put the “Service” into Estate Sales and Services, LLC.”Rob

“Kate and Bruce recently held a sale at my parents home after they relocated to assisted living. Since we are 500 miles away, we only met once to sign the contract. Kate and Bruce then proceeded to organize the contents of the home and a jam-packed workshop. During this very emotional time, they kept us updated on the progress, promptly answering any questions and assuring us all would be fine. They were correct! We were extremely satisfied with the results of the sale. The home was spotless when we returned to put it on the market. Everyone in the neighborhood remarked on how wonderful Estate Sales and Services is and we all will recommend them as an outstanding company. We could not have done this without their help and guidance.”Deb Hocevar

A little about how we work

We take care of all the details of a sale including, setup, pricing, and advertising. We charge no upfront fees. We take the stress out of the process of sorting through the contents of the house to prepare for the sale (please don’t dispose of any items prior to our arrival).

We take our commission on the net profit of our sales. This means that we share in the cost of preparing and completing the sale. This makes it a fairer process for all parties. Many estate sale companies charge you outright for the expenses incurred such as labor, which eats up the profit from the sale for the family.

We are a husband and wife team. We do most of the labor, setup, pricing, and research ourselves. With some exceptions we only bring in staff for sale days to ensure adequate coverage of the home. This keeps labor expenses to a minimum making for a more successful sale.

  • The cost of conducting your sale is shared. We take our profit from the net not the gross.
  • Our sale hours are longer than our competitors, to better sell your items.
  • Free consultations.
  • We limit the number of sales we do so, adequate time can be spent spent on each sale.
  • A portion of our proceeds are donated to a local non-profit.
  • Whenever possible we recycle, donate or re-purpose items.
  • Accounting completed within 14 days of sale